Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thirsty for Water...Around the Kitchen Table

"Momma I am thirsty."
"My hands are so dirty and there is no water."
"How do I cook this without water?"
"What do you mean there is no water to flush the toilet?"
"How do we give the animals water?"
"I NEED a shower!!"
"My throat is so dry!!"

Girls these are sentences we never want  to hear!
Much less experience.
But why would we you ask?

"I live in town, we will always have water."
"In an emergency the government will give us water...won't they?"
My well is how deep...(Shock) you mean I can't take the water holder off of it
and drop a bucket into it...for water?

Well girls here is the skinny on water.

If you live in town..or a large city...you probably get your household
water from a city water source...which pumps it to your
house via electricity...with a few back up generators of course.
These usually will give power for 72 hours...and you will have limited water pressure.
Why would you worry about no power? Storms, area disasters, chemical disasters,
solar storms that rendered electricity null and void.

If you live with a well...electricity is used to pump the water up.
There are shallow wells and extremely deep wells. Most of us don't have generators
 to back our pumps up.

FEMA and Red Cross and all emergency centers say you need to have 1gallon
 of water per person per day for at least 72 hours. Now this is for drinking water only.
Not water to flush, bathe or cook with.

There are websites for every kind of water storage unit you can imagine.
You can surf the web to find them.

72 hr. Prep
So not to get you all worked up and panicky....lol
Lets start with the 72 hr. storage.
Remember those plastic food grade bottles from juice and soda
 we talked about in our food storage chat?
They are considered food grade safe.
Those can be filled up and stored. Bottle water can be bought also.
The bottle water containers...really don't last long. They are now made to
disintegrate for landfill purpose. If you use them just rotate them about every 6 months.
Mark your calender. And always mark on your containers the date filled.
Store water in a cool dark place.

Now that you have gotten the 72 hour drinking water settled in your mind...
You will need toilet and cooking water during this time also.
We all have hot water tanks in our homes...there is water in them.
Drain them for flushing or for cooking.
If you have had notice of pending shortage of water...you can fill your tubs...sinks
and any container you can.
There is actually a bathtub liner you can buy that you fill up in your tub
and it has a hose off it for draining. It gives you 100 gallons of drinking water.
You can go to www.waterbob.com or Amazon
You can also put ice chest, Rubbermaid's or any container under the eves of your
house to gather water...if it is raining.
If any of this is to used for drinking it needs to be boiled
or you can buy drinking water tablets for it. Or bleach needs to be added to it.

Longer Water Storage

Now lets say you are wanting to have more than 72 hrs of water on hand.
Water is heavy...8 pounds per gallon.
You have to be careful where you store it...Your downstairs neighbor
might not like your bottles in his lap....lol

You can store water in the blue 55 gallon barrels. They are sold on Craig's List
or you can get them from Cola companies and Commercial Soap companies.
They just have to be washed out really well.
You will need a hand pump to pump the water out...or you can take
the time and put spigots in them.
If you live near a stream, pond, river or lake...you can drink that water
as long as the emergency has not poisoned the water. There are all
 kinds of filters you can buy that will let you drink the water without making you ill.

There are even straws like filters that will get you through 1000 gallons of water
 for drinking. I saw them on the web. They go by LifeStraws.
They were used in third world countries to drink
from puddles and streams.
...and recently at Wal-Mart in the camping dept. I saw a similar item
in their camping isle.
I will be getting some of these for sure!

For those of us with wells...you need to know how deep your well is.
There are some hand pumps out there for the really shallow wells.
There is solar pumps for wells...and deeper hand pumps.
I love to visit Lehman's.com. They are a catalog company in Amish country.
Most of your well companies can sell you pumps also. Remember it must run
without electricity. Again the Web is your friend for research.

I hope in some of this You have seen the importance of storing water.
We can't live without water.
It is so easy to store and relatively cheap...lol
But it is so #1 in your storage preps.

Now remember the cast iron chat...having something to heat water in
is a big plus also.

Now here is your Homework.

Look around your home...and pretend.
You will have NO water for days...what will YOU store water in?
How many tubs do you have...Hot Water Heaters?
Do you have something to boil water in outside...remember no electricity.
Do you have some bleach for disinfecting the water from your tanks.
What alternative way could you clean yourself up with...instead
of wasting water...(hint..hint...baby wipes) How would you sanitize
 your cooking area or even clean your dishes
(hint hint Clorox wipes) (spray bottles with vinegar in them).
You need to go the potty...and it uses a lot of water for flushing......

Yep you guessed it...next week we discuss
Poo-pee-and potties....lol
Oh yes we are!!!!!

Hugs to you all and you don't need to be thirsty!
Drink up and store up.


  1. Really good tips no matter where you live. Here in earthquake country, (the San Francisco Bay Area), we do have emergency kits prepared for at least 72 hours without services.

    Best to you chris

  2. I am just going to come stay with you:) I am printing these posts for reference! Love you!

  3. Another interesting post filled with good advice, Cindy! Fun to see what's new - must check out those straws! After living so long in "hurricane country", we're familiar with some of these methods, but can always learn something new - that's for sure! Have gone a week without electricity - sure makes you appreciate it, even with those high bills!
    xoxo Jane

  4. I love these discussions! We are rural and get water from a well, but have a back up gasoline generator that is old as the hills, but hasn't been used much.

    There is also an artisian well in the woods near our property with the coldes, sweetest water imaginable that in a crunch could be used.
    I don't buy a lot of bottled water. I guess I should keep some on hand.

    Great topic!


  5. Alright now back in Houston during Hurricane Alicia we lost power for 2 full weeks. You bet my parents filled up that bath tub really quick ahead of the storm. Living off a septic tank we found lots of creative ways to use water and reuse water. None of these new handy dandy filter things were available....my how times have changed...smiles...Renee

  6. I love this, Cindy. We store water in various parts of the house. I have a 55gal blue barrel near my workshop. It will be for non-drinking use. Gallon jugs of drinking water are available at Wal-Mart for 88 cents. For our evacuation kits, we bought filter bottles. They look like trendy aluminum water bottles but have filters that will provide over 100 gallons of drinkable water. I like the idea of the baby wipes...they would save a lot of drinking water. As for your next topic...Emergency Essentials at beprepared.com sells Double Doodie bags for portable toilets (or 5 gall. buckets with seat) and they also have a size that will fit the toilets in your home. I have both.


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