Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Food-Shopping-Around the Kitchen Table

For as long as man has existed, there have been 3 key things to his survival.
Water, Food and Shelter

Today we will talk about FOOD.

Did you do your homework from last week?
You were suppose to make a list of what foods YOUR family eats.

You see I could TELL you what to store up on. But what good would it do
if your family wouldn't eat it....or you didn't know how to cook it.

Most websites tell you to stock up on pounds and pounds of
rice, beans and wheat.
Now I am not dumb....if I was truly starving...I would use these
three items to survive. But goodness me...why do I have to
have so much of these...why not stock up on what I know
my family will appreciate and love to eat.
For me food is for enjoyment also.

When were going to be Insurance Adjusters
for hurricanes. They advised us to have a full 6 weeks
worth of food on us. Water, Food...and all supplies.

I knew we could cook with electricity and on our grill.
So I made my list. What could we eat and how could I spread it out
to go 8 weeks are longer...just in case. Rice and beans were not
the only ingredients....lol

I made my menu for a week.
This would be my breakfast list.
Breakfast...pancakes, breakfast tacos, oatmeal
Supply list.
Pancakes... need water, oil,syrup, butter
Breakfast tacos....tortilla and tortilla mix, eggs fresh and dehydrated. Sausage I could can.
Oatmeal...water, sugar, butter, milk fresh and powdered.
Then I multiplied everything by 6 weeks.

You see how you do it.
You take your menu and break it down...to all the items you need to make each dish.

Because we were tight on funds I set a goal for 10 weeks to furnish
our 6 week stockpile.
I would buy normal groceries without any frills...no chips..treats etc.
And each week I would buy the extra I needed for the stocking up.
Week 1.  all the vegetable canned goods.
2. soup and spaghetti sauce and tea
3. pancake mix, cornmeal, oatmeal, peanut butter and jelly
4. noodles, rice, tortilla mix, cornmeal, beans
5. spices and condiments and oil, cake mixes and honey
6. chili, salmon, hot sauce
7. toilet paper and paper towels and foil
8. personal supplies like toothpaste etc.
9. cleaning supplies
10. First aid supplies
And every week I would throw in 2 cans of fruit.

All these items along with some meat in the freezer and some
fresh vegetables would of gotten us through about 8 weeks of eating.

This is just a sample of what you can do on a tight budget
and not get overwhelmed. Planning will help keep you from buying
the items that you don't need. If I remember it was between 35-40 dollars a week
I allowed for the extra.
Then You can start over with the next trip to the store with the week 1 items.

If you are going to store flour, cornmeal, oatmeal...I put it in the freezer
for 2-3 days to kill any little bugs. Oh yes they are there!!!! Then you can
store it in buckets...or jars.

Now remember most of this type of prepping is to stock up
for minor problems, small glitches in life and job loss
or sickness.
We would all have our standard way to cook, broil and bake.

A Major disaster...where there was no electricity...you wouldn't be baking casseroles.
So remember to make those kind of adjustments in your food storing.

I now hope to save money...and so can you...by having the garden.
My vegetables will come from it. I will either can or dehydrate them.
I shop the dollar stores for spices...let me tell you I opened a cinnamon
(the last of my Y2k supplies...and it was from Big Lots.) That was 12 yrs ago.
It smelled and tasted just fine.
I'm going to can my meat in canning jars.
We canned chicken, pork loin and hamburger meat up at Wendy's.
And we started eating from it...
yummy and so easy.
I will be making all my own
cleaning supplies. Vinegar is the main ingredient.
My flour will come from the whole wheat I have stored.

I didn't mention bread or chips.
I plan to make some sourdough starter...a project I have been wanting to do!
And the chips...well growing up..when we wanted chips
my Mema sliced potatoes really thin...and fried them up. Potato Chips....lol
When we do the recipes I have found some middle eastern bread called
Naan. I tried it recently from our store...you could use it for pizza's
or roll food up in it. It was really good and does not call for yeast.

There are also MRE's (meals ready to eat) that you can order.
There are websites to buy Large #10 cans of dehydrated food.
You can buy your dry goods in bulk. I will be doing this one.
I have always bought my oatmeal from an AZURE STANDARD
 co-op in Oklahoma.
I can now order it here from a Azure co-op in Texas.
Now... I can highly recommend this company.
They deliver to almost every state.
it is www.azurestandard.com

I can't recommend any one website for ordering food...because I haven't used them.
Do your research...see if there our any food co-ops in your area.
Or start one. Buy in bulk and then divide it up.

If you can't garden for food...buy in bulk and put it up.

In the "Olden Days"  if they were lucky they had eggs
and meat and biscuits for breakfast. Not so lucky...gruel.

Soups were cooked all day...eaten and more water added to it for the next meal.
Eaten the next day and more water added to it...then it was really
watered down. But edible. Do I want to eat like this
NO WAY!! But I could if I needed to. Could you?
I prefer to buy for my family and I will stretch what we have.
I hope not to eat watery soup!!

Remember last weeks topic storage? Well after you buy your stuff
you need to organize it. Some take sharpies and mark on the cans
what it is and the use by date. They do this cause labels can come off.
Did you know that most canned goods will last 3-5 yrs. Look at the use by date.
Some thrifty markets buy older canned goods...so always notice the date!!
Never buy dented cans. Once you have your first cycle of shopping done.
You can start shopping from your pantry...and use the store as your
replenishing stockpile...it helps for rotating the food.

I know I didn't have any magic answers here.
Each family is different...and each family member has different
taste and needs. Only you the Homemaker
can make the decisions for your family. Or to know how many
people could be living with you in a disaster.

Please leave more ideas in the comment section. Or if you write a post
on Prepping...let me know and I will give you a shout out.
I will keep the series on my sidebar.

Homework.....keep looking for storage items. Make your meal list
and start shopping. And for next week....look at all your cooking items.
Could you cook with your cookware on an open fire?
Do you have plenty of heavy duty pot holders...and oven mitts
for working around fire?

Next topic....Cast Iron Cooking and Open Fire Cooking

I hope these topics are getting you to chat with your
love ones at home. I never mean to panic or to upset anyone.
I just know I care for my girlfriends and I want them to be comfortable.

Hugs and Blessings.... Cindy


  1. Great topics to share and to get prepared! I am taking it all in, not doing anything yet but learning how to prepare:) Thank you for all of your knowledge! BIG HUGS!

  2. Great post! I guess because I am older (51) and spent so much time with my grandparents and older relatives that cooking frugal meals from scratch and storing foods is just a way of life for me. I thought maybe you could let your readers know that yard sales are a great place to find food storage containers! I saw a box of glass jars with plastic lids, 12 in all, for $1.00 at a jar sale last weekend! Living in the country we are always ready for no power! We have a wood stove and frequently have to use it for cooking.

    Thanks again!

  3. I never thought to add one or two items to the grocery list. I was always overwhelmed by trying to gather it all. Thank you for spelling it out. Even better...shopping from the pantry. Smiles...Renee

  4. More good ideas this week, Cindy! Great topic! Did you pressure can the meat when you canned it with Wendy? My grandmother in Virginia always had canned meat - I suppose they just boiled it a long time? There's a food kitchen here - part of the the Extension Service - where people can go to can food (in cans). They have classes sometimes. I think people can take the food there & cook it (soup, spaghetti sauce, etc.), then can, or just can if it's fruit/vegies, etc. Always wanted to go do that! Maybe now's the time!
    xoxo Jane

  5. I am impressed! Such great tips here. I will certainly remember the "flour in the freezer" tip. I am going to start - small - but start.

  6. I was amazed how easy it was to bottle chicken breasts (and much cheaper than buying the cans) Hardly any prep, just trim the breasts, put them into the jars with some salt and fill with hot water. Then pressure can the jars. Easy! I've recently learned how to bottle butter and it will keep on the shelf for two years. Thanks for the great info...I've been trying to get my church ladies to get their 3 months supply of shelf stable foods their families will eat...you've made some great suggestions. =D

  7. Thank you for the helpful information. It will make taking the first step easier for me. I like the idea of doing a little bit each week, otherwise I would be so overwhelmed that I would give up on it completely. Looking forward to your next helpful advice.


  8. Great post Cindy!! Thanks for giving us something to think about and a lesson on planning.


  9. Thank you for doing this. Sure makes you think. We have gone without electric twice for a week each time. The one time it was too cold to stay in the house....no backup heat and below zero temps. But even having some food to take with us would have been nice. The second time we could stay in our home but had no water, couldn't flush the toilets . In this day and age you would not think that you could be without power that long. I know people in Florida that were without power for 3 weeks. So it is great finding ways to be prepared. You just never know.
    Thanks for calling yesterday. It was nice to hear your voice. PLease keep me informed about the little one.


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