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Foos Storage-Around the Kitchen Table

Around the Kitchen Table

This week we are going to chat about Storage Containers for Food.

Now most of us have a pantry of some kind.
Some have basements...some have root cellars
and most have garages.

We all have bedrooms and closets scattered in our homes.
Some large, some small.

It is what we store in those places that will determine
our survival. And what we store the food in.

In the weeks to come we will talk about stocking up on food.
But it does you No good...if you don't have the proper storage.

If you live in the country you know how destructive mice and rats can be.
You put a bag of rice on a might as well say come on and eat to the
So storage is important. Lack of moisture is a plus
 and of course the cooler the better.

The WHAT to store in.

Glass jars will always be great.
 There is the typical canning jar
used mainly for canning. But all glass jars can be used for storage.
I try to grab all the large glass pickle jars I can.
I put box cereal and chips in them.
I am a sucker for the older smaller jars...they have such cute glass designs on them.
And throw in a metal lid to boot....and you will see me swoon!
If you dehydrate food...(Yes, you are going to learn how to)
you can store in glass jars also.
I save jelly jars for dehydrated spices or smaller items dehydrated.
You can find jars at sales, flea markets, Craig's list and our local
radio station has a give away or barter site.
If you are going to buy old canning jars...NEVER buy them with chips
on them. They can cause breakage when canning.

The down side to glass....well.... breakage!!
Recently some in the Oklahoma area experienced earthquakes for the first time.
Many lost canning goods when they fell off the open shelves.
With research we found out you can tie cute 1 inch wide
ribbon across your cabinets. It acts as a barrier for the jars not to fall.
Be creative...dowel rods painted cute...colorful ribbon, even strips of Plexiglas.
Your local hardware store will cut them for you.

If you put them into cabinets with doors...and you are afraid of earthquake shakes
(and believe me an earthquake can and will throw open those doors.)
tie the doors together with cute ribbon. I know what you are
she serious...ribbon where people can see it. Start a new least you
will have kept your canning jars safe.

Plastic buckets for storage.
Now in these you can store larger amounts of dry food.
They rarely break and they are stackable. Rodents can't
chew through them!!
You can order buckets all over the web.
You can also get them from Lowes and Home Depot.
Yes they are food grade safe.
They will have their logos on them...oh well.
All the above will cost you a little cash.

I have seen buckets with the chalkboard paint on the side
and the "what"  that is in the bucket written on it.
Most write on the bucket with a sharpie. And some write
on paper and tape it on with packing tape.
There is a company that make durable reusable lids.
I have several and they are very colorful.
You can buy these GAMMA SEAL LIDS from all over the web.
They have a ring that fits on top of the bucket. Then there is an inner
top lid that screws on and off. I use them for my outside
chicken feed them.
Wendy and I shared a order along with some other women to keep the cost low.

Me the cheapy that I am...or is it frugal? Hmmmm
Well I find buckets that are FREE! I picked up 4 yesterday.
Your local bakeries, BBQ places (here in the South) they are
Any restaurant will have them. Just use your voice
and get some nerve and ask for them.
 I have read stories how some of you will dumpster dive for free furniture.
Or how some of you will about knock someone over
...just get to the sale item at Goodwill. These buckets are NOW
worth something....your peace of mind that your food will be safe
from the elements and rodents. Some are free,
some charge 1.00. If they are dirty you can wash them out
at.... are you ready....the car through the grease in
the icing buckets. If not wash them in your bathtub just scrape as much icing out
in the trash first.

Now I am sure by this point you are thinking
what am I going to be putting in the buckets?

When you do normal grocery store bring it home and put it in the pantry.
If you want to stockpile (I hate that word)...and you don't have room in the house
you can store the extra food in the buckets. One example.
During the Y2k scare...I bought up lots of food...but I didn't
want to fill just one bucket with all noodles and another with all rice and another with
all I got creative and made buckets with multiple items in it.
This way I could open a bucket and there were multiple meals to be made in it.
Instead of a lot buckets needing to be opened for meals.
 I could open just one per week.

Meal bucket...
I had spaghetti noodles, and canned tomato sauce, can salmon ,crackers in a Ziploc bag
and cornmeal.
Canned chili, rice in a bag, canned soup with extra canned vegetables more rice,
A canning jar of meat and more cans of veggies. There was 5 meals right there.

Baking bucket...
In jars or Ziplocs I put in flour and cornmeal
baking ingredients, powdered milks,spices and decorations.

Breakfast bucket....
pancake mixes,syrups, oatmeal in jars, powdered milk, muffin mixes
( I would hope to have eggs from my girls)

Snack buckets....
Applesauce's, fruit cups, protein bars, dehydrated fruit rolls
popcorn, etc....

First aid buckets, baby items bucket, gardening bucket.
Anymore ideas?
You see a bucket holds a lot!
Now buckets are used for many other uses also.
( go ahead and put them on your too find list)
They are used for hauling water, use them as toilets
plant plants in them...etc. We will discuss these at a later date.

Now re-usable items for storage. Maybe you don't have room for many
large bucket items...but you do have room (under your bed) for smaller plastic containers.
Fruit Juice bottles, Tea from (Arizona) has sturdy containers we use
for everything around here. Even soda liter bottles work. If you don't drink any of the above
call some children nurseries around you...they just throw the juice containers away.
I noticed at our baseball park they were serving sodas from the liter containers.
I will be hitting them up next week....lo

Clean them and let them dry really well inside.
Get you a funnel and wa-la they hold dry beans, rice, cornmeal,
flour, sugar etc. and the larger opening  ones will hold macaroni.
One lady washes all her 16 oz soda bottles that she drinks from.
And loads them up with mixture makings....rice and beans..the dry ingredients for a cake
or cookies. She crumbles crackers into them for meatloaf and salmon patties.
These bottles will last a few years if kept out of the sun.
You just have to put your thinking cap on!!

Now there are other things you can store food in...look around your
home...what do you see. Rubbermaids, vintage metal canisters
old suitcases etc..

We all hope that if something happened we could stay in our homes and ride it out.
But if you couldn't...what would it take for you and yours to survive?
Shirley over at Zetta's Aprons
has written a blog this week on the 72 hr. kit that you will need.
It is a must too read!!!!
You can read it here...Provident Living

Do your Homework ....oh yeah there is homework....
after all we all need to share and to learn something from each other.
...start collecting buckets and save the bottles. Please leave a comment
on here if you have any ideas for storage. Or if you write something on this topic
send me a holler (e-mail) and I will give you a shout out on the next go around.

This has been done on the "Cheapy-Frugal-Tightwad" theory
If you research you will find lots of ways to spend your money. I prefer to
save mine for stocking up on food...and of course those
marvelous thrift store finds.

Next week......Gathering the food you will need and want.
Really look at what your family eats that could be grown on your property
and what really you could do without. Make a protien, comfort food meal plan for a week.
Now remember this is to survive on ...not gain

Work apron on.... time to hit the garden.
A big Texas hug to all...Cindy


  1. So many good ideas here! Great start!
    xoxo Jane

  2. I am really loving your post! I have found the big glass pickle jars to be perfect for storing flour, sugar, brown sugar, etc... I found some really cute Kath Kidston labels on Amazon and used them to label the contents. I was also lucky enough to score a lot of old Tupperware cannisters at an auction. I ran them through the dishwasher and it removed any "sticky" film they had. They hold chips, cereal, pasta, anything you want to buy in bulk! Thanks for sharing your ideas!


  3. Great ideas. I realy like the meals in a bcket idea. Great series. (((((HUGS))))))

  4. Great ideas! With the economy as bad as it is, simplicity is the keyword to saving money. I often talk about things my mom did to save money. Old jars were used for leftover storage too--why pay money to buy rubbermaid or tupperware when the empty pickle jar will work? Empty bread bags after washing are good to put other leftovers in too or when you have a baby, take an old bread bag to bring home soiled baby diapers to launder or to put a soiled disposable one in if a trash receptacle isn't handy. I can and had to buy some of my jars but a friend was getting rid of a bunch of them so I lucked out last year when they gave them to me. I'll be looking forward to some more ideas here. Thank you so much for this good information.

  5. This is a great post! The meal "fixin's in a bucket" is wonderful idea! I am going to pass it along to my church ladies. Thank you for mentioning my 72 hr kit post. To paraphrase the song "We will survive!" =D

  6. I have a large supply of food but it is just stored in my pantry! Going back and read your tips again! Nothing wrong with being prepared:) Have a blessed day and don't work too hard! HUGS!

  7. Okay, you know those popcorn tins. They seem to multiply at Christmas time. My mom and I use those for storage of anything and everything. Those plastic washtub things from the dollar store...I stick a chalkboard label on them and use them for food storage in the pantry (like items). I have a large grey bin in the basement for emergency food and I only use a crank can opener in case of no power. I am off to do my homework...smiles..Renee

  8. Girl, you are not only smart but organized too! I need to catch up on reading your blog to see what this is all about. Sounds quite interesting:) Hope all is well with you and yours.

  9. Thank you, Cindy, for your amazing and helpful post! I, too, have been busy over the past few years putting thing away in the event.....of something unforseen occurring??
    You have given me some wonderful new ideas...and I am so grateful!
    Blessings, my friend,
    Carolynn..."Chenille Cottage"


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