Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Welcome-Around the Kitchen Table

Around the Kitchen Table

Boy this brings back sweet memories.
The ladies preparing supper.
Table legs sitting in kerosene...to keep the sugar ants at bay.
Big stoneware bowls..some with a stripe around the top
others that were colorful.
Tablecloths that were slick (oilcloth) and with bright prints.
Aprons tied around more than ample waist lines...lol
Some tied around the neck.
Women wearing dresses that touched their calves...dresses of cotton and tiny prints.

Swishing back in forth to the stove to the table. Some washing
dishes and some drying. Testing of the food by all the cooks.

And after the meal and the kitchen was all cleaned up
it really began...the chatting...the sharing...the laughter
the complaining...the comparing of the gardens being grown.

This is what I would love to do.
Have all of you around a big kitchen table.
Us wearing our aprons and bringing our notebooks.
Why notebooks?
Because it is time for us to share...to learn from each other.
Times have been hard for a lot of us...some haven't had a blimp in their lives
others have been on a roller coaster.
Food is going sky high, many don't know how to can much less grow a
garden that will provide food for their families. It is
time to learn...to step out of your comfort zone.
Knowledge is important to survival.
You need to know what grows in YOUR area...not mine.
You need to know what YOUR family will eat not what
others are putting into storage.
You need to know what disasters are normal in your area and how
to truly prep for them.

It is time...I don't know what is around the corner
but it is time to gather around the kitchen table...and share.

Starting next week I will be sharing....what little I know
and some websites that I think you would love to read.

Do I do all that is out there for prepping?...No I just dream about some of it...lol
 But I read and I learn. And sometimes I get to do it.
I have confidence I COULD do some of what will be needed of me.
I do what I can...what that voice inside me says to do.
What we have money for.
I don't want this to be scary. I want this to be fun...creative.
I pray you hang in there with me...and join in.

It is time for me to do this. I have been afraid to open up and to share.
But the writing is on the wall...America is  hurting financially...homes are struggling
and women are feeling the burden to take care of their family from the homemaker
point of few.

Some scenarios....disaster in your area...power grid goes down
pandemic...economic downfall...solar flares rendering electricity null and void.
How about job loss...or prices so high....any of these could happen.
What would you really do...
with no electricity for weeks....could you cook meals for your family.
Could you wash clothes? Could you keep your family from panicking.
Could you live outdoors if need be? Does your cookware cook on a open fire?
Where do you go to the bathroom at?
Would you have food if you couldn't run to the grocery store?

There are so many things being talked about out there that could happen.
I choose not to label "The What" and know that something will happen.
And to keep my eyes and ears on God.

4 years ago you could not tell me I would be living in an RV
and that work would of been so hard to find for my Husband who can build anything.
That Texas along with half the nation would suffer a SEVERE DROUGHT.
That prices I pay today for normal things has doubled in 4 short years.

Fast forward 4 years...where will you be...what will be happening out there?

It is time to sit around the table and to learn...to share...to pray... to be strong women.

Come join me This Thursday.
I don't have all the answers...but I can sure open discussion and give you
something to study and think about....lol
And boy do I need your sharing back to me..I need to learn from y'all.

Come sit with me around the Kitchen Table!
This Thursday we will start with FOOD STORAGE IDEAS.

So grab your favorite apron and your notebook.
Hugs to all.... Cindy

PS..My daughter Wendy survived all the bad weather. The tornado's went NW of us!
I am home...with car problems that took me two days to get the car home. But we did!
Thank you for your prayers


  1. So glad that you are all okay. I know you planned ahead and how important that would be.
    I am looking forward to your chats.
    Glad you are home as well. Two days.....oh my. Not good.

  2. Thinking about you this weekend made me more aware of what's been going on in the world with storms and disasters. Tomorrow the whole state of Utah is having a major earthquake drill...The Great Shakeout. So yesterday I pulled out my 72 hour disaster kit to repack it...rotate the food stuffs and add in new items. I have it all in back packs and a duffle bag and I keep it in the back of my pantry so we can easily transport it to the car if we need to evacuate. I am on our local church congregation's(LDS Ward) emergency preparedness committee and I help organize the neighborhoods with block captains and I keep the women of our Ward informed about preparedness and provident living. I can't wait to see what you have to share...I consider you to be a wise and provident woman. =D

  3. So glad to see you are home and safe, so thankful that your daughter and family are too. My "20-somethings" are more and more interested in having me share my experiences, and I so love doing that. Great and thoughtful post :) E

  4. Sounds fantastic. I was just complaining about paying $1.69 for a bell pepper. I was hoping it had a prize in it at that cost. Man! Glad you made it home...big big hugs...smiles..Renee

  5. Happy to hear that you're home safe and sound, Cindy! And very happy that the terrible storms passed you all by! Your new "kitchen table" program sounds great! I might not have any good ideas to contribute, but I'll be there :)
    xoxo Jane

  6. You are such a wonderful, sweet and helpful friend! Hey, you were asking about how the strawberries are grown around here! I will find out what that is called but I know that all of the strawberry patches look like the one I posted about:) Have a blessed evening, HUGS!

  7. You are so wise, Shirley. We, too, have be so aware of the numerous earthquakes in the past week or so. We, too, are practicing emergency prep in our home. With so many dormant/inactive volcanos close by, I wish our community would also have a "Great Shakeup" drill, too.
    Carolynn x x x

  8. My parents always had a huge garden and their property had lots of fruit trees so Mom (and me and my sister) canned and froze everything we could. I understand the value and importance of being able to raise your own food but it has gotten lost on me in the last few years. You are getting me to think....Thank you!


  9. Looking forward to gathering around the table with you! It's a wonderful idea.


  10. Cindy, How I have missed your simple country "voice". This is such an important post today, and Thursday I will surely join in. I have always wanted to "put up" strawberry jam. Perhaps this is just the inspiration I have needed. A definite step outside my comfort zone. I know you will have great advice to share. Always, Elizabeth


I do... love to hear from my Girfriends!! All comments are welcomed.. whether sugar and spiced or with some hot sauce on them..lol

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